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Board Of Directors

Colleen Morris - Copy

Colleen Morris

HCEA President

Ben Schmitt

Ben Schmitt

Vice President, Clemens Crossing Elementary School

2020-2023 Ben's Board Cluster Worksites
Sarai Gray

Sarai Gray

Treasurer, Laurel Woods Elementary School

2022-2025 Sarai's Board Cluster Worksites

Teri Dennison

Secretary, Central Office

2022-2025 Teri's Board Cluster Worksites

Alison Daniels

Director, Long Reach High School

2022-2024 Alison' Board Cluster Worksites
Leidre Galloway - Copy

Leirdre Galloway

Director, Patuxent Valley Middle School

2022-2024 Leirdre's Board Cluster Worksites
Anna Gannon

Anna Gannon

Director, Bonnie Branch Middle School

2022-2024 Anna's Board Cluster Worksites
Danielle King

Danielle King-Beard

Director, Mayfield Woods Middle School

2021-2023 Danielle's Board Cluster Worksites
Becky Otte

Rebecca Otte

Director, Fulton Elementary School

2021-2023 Rebecca's Board Cluster Worksites

Jamie Parrish

Director, River Hill High School

2021-2023 Jamie's Board Cluster Worksites

Q Smith-Green

Director, Homewood

2022-2024 Q's Board Cluster Worksites
Sam Walters

Sam Walters

Director, Wilde Lake High School

2021-2023 Sam's Board Cluster Worksites

UniServ Staff (MSEA)

Neysa Condron

Neysa Condron

UniServ Director

Certificated & Non-Certificated Staff members Email: Neysa's Worksites
Josh Lenes

Josh Lenes

UniServ Director

Certificated & Non-Certificated Staff members Email: Josh's Worksites
Kira Schuman - Copy

Kira Schuman

UniServ Director

Certificated and Non-Certificated Staff Email Kira's Worksites
Erin Yeagley - Copy

Erin Yeagley

UniServ Director

Certificated & Non-Certificated Staff members Email: Erin's Worksites


Jessica Bernhardt

Membership Coordinator

Janet Bloom

Office Manager

Heather Coughlan

Sick Bank Coordinator

Elisa Lemaire

Article 13 and Family Crisis Leave Coordinator

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