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HCEA Benefits

Local Assistance on Workplace Issues

  • Fair Labor Standards (ESP Members)
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Evaluations
  • Leaves
  • Job Descriptions
  • Workload

Expert and Diligent Negotiations

  • The exclusive bargaining agent for Howard County teachers, instructional assistants and clerical employees, performed by colleagues with staff assistance to achieve the best possible wages, fringe benefits, and working conditions

Building Level Representatives

  • To assist you at your work site and to keep you informed of issues affecting your work environment

Sick Leave Banks

  • One for teachers and one for ESP workers administered jointly by HCEA and the Board of Education. Find out more.

Family Crisis Leave Exchange (FCLE)

Notary Service

Full-time Office Staff

  • 5082 Dorsey Hall Drive, Suite 102, Ellicott City, MD 21042

MSEA UniServ Staff Person on Site

  • To assist you in all aspects of your work environment

Local Lobbying Efforts

  • On local pro-education issues

Tutoring Referral List

  • Courtesy list of tutors. For more information contact Elisa Lemaire at [email protected]

Home and Other Loan Services

  • Special arrangement with local lenders to help members refinance or purchase a home

Auto/Home Insurance

  • Discounted for members only from A+ Auto & Home Insurance.

Member Discounts

  • Mention your HCEA membership to the to these providers to receive discounts.
  • United Buying Service (car/furniture purchases)
  • Local attorney for personal legal issues (MSEA Attorney Referral)
  • MSEA ACCESS Card discounts with local merchants

Call (410) 997-3440 or e-mail us for other services and information

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