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HCEA Elections

Have you thought of leading HCEA, MSEA, or NEA?  Here’s your chance.  This year we have seven HCEA Director positions along with delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly, July 2-7, 2016 in Washington, DC (for more information on the RA, visit ra.nea.org).


If you have interest in serving on the Board of Directors of HCEA, MSEA or NEA, or becoming a delegate to the NEA Convention, please complete the following steps.




  1. HCEA Board of Directors (7 Seats)
  2. HCEA Delegate to NEA Convention in Washington, DC (Candidates are strongly encouraged to file for election as an MSEA delegate as well, below, as it shifts the costs to MSEA).




  1. MSEA Board of Directors
  2. NEA Board of Directors (2 seats)
  3. MSEA Delegate to the NEA Convention
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