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Association Dues

How are dues computed?

Dues are based on your salary and whether you are a full or part-time employee. The total dues per year include HCEA, MSEA, and NEA dues, but will only be shown as HCEA dues on your paycheck stub. The chart below shows the current combined dues per year and per pay, and dues will be automatically adjusted if your salary or PT/FT status changes. Annual dues are subject to periodic changes by their governing bodies. Dues deductions continue from year to year unless the member revokes the authorization as specified in their negotiated agreement.

To view the association dues for 2023-2024 click here

*First deduction may vary by a few cents due to rounding

Am I a certificated or non-certificated employee?

If your current HCPSS assignment requires a state certificate or equivalent, then you’re classified as a certificated

employee. Examples include, but are not limited to, teachers, counselors, related service providers (SLP, OT, PT).

If your current HCPSS assignment does not require a state certificate, then you’re classified as a non-certificated (ESP) employee. Examples include, but are not limited to, paraeducator, secretary, food service employee, health assistant, Central Office Technical.

What are my dues payment options?

Payroll Deduction: Deducted through 20 pays (September thru June)

Credit Card: Pay in full by calling MSEA membership at 1-443-433-3616.

Check: Pay in full by making a check payable to HCEA and delivering it to the HCEA office.

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