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Recommendations for the Howard County Board of Education 2024

2024 Board of Education

At Large

Board of Education

Meg Ricks is a parent of 3 kids in HCPSS, and has been very active as a volunteer in her schools, on HCPSS committees, and in the community. Her experience with the Operating Budget Review Committee, as well as her clear plan to win sets her apart in this race as the only candidate who will be able to hit the ground running on Day 1!

Andrea touts an impressive resume as an attorney and regulator for the FDA, and she has been a champion for gun safety; advocating for legislation that helps keeps guns out of the hands of children. As an expert on safety, she knows the critical role educators play in keeping our schools safe places to teach and learn. Her mom was a Howard County teacher, and as a Board member, she will be a strong voice for educators.

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