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Starting the Year Off Right

Build Relationships Be nice to the others on the school staff — teachers, administrators, support staff. Get involved in school activities and school staff functions.

Find A Shoulder Every employee needs a colleague to turn to for special advice or simply to discuss a special job challenge. Work at developing a “buddy.”

Check School Policy If you intent to talk to students or staff on subject matter that borders on controversy, be sure you are within board policy. Keep your personal views on religion and politics to yourself.

Support School Goals If your school has a project everyone is working toward – perhaps a holiday project to help a needy family, a trip or a party at the end of the year – get involved early and share in the enthusiasm.

Know Your Rights Read or reread your contract so you will know your rights. Contact your Association representative if you have questions or a problem.

Complain Effectively Analyze what is making your job difficult or impossible, how the problem can be solved and who has the power to solve it — often that person is you. Complain only to the person or persons with the power to change the situation. Contact your Association rep.

Support Your Association Join HCEA, MSEA and NEA. Not only will you receive direct benefits through negotiations to improve your salary and working conditions, but you’ll also receive the moral support of people who understand the difficulty of your job.

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