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Electing pro-public education candidates who will invest in our schools and our communities

Information for Candidates

All candidates seeking office are invited to apply for our association’s recommendation. Candidates submitting completed questionnaires will be invited to interview with our panel of educators.

HCEA is extremely proud of the democratic participation of rank-and-file educators throughout our recommendation process. Candidates complete a questionnaire, and are invited to interview with our panel. From there, the recommendation proceeds through all levels of HCEA governance, finally coming before our over 200 elected HCEA building representative for a vote on recommendation.

Questions? Contact Josh Lenes, HCEA UniServ Director


The filing deadline for the 2024 primary is February 9, 2024. The following deadlines below refer to the last date that HCEA will accept applications for recommendation.

Deadline Application
February 16, 2023 Board of Education
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