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2021-2022 Job Satisfaction Survey

Individual worksite results and trend data for the 2021-2022 HCEA Job Satisfaction Survey are listed below. Individual worksite results contain all responses. Trend data reports include percent of agree responses only.

Survey Questions


Overall Trend Data  

Elementary Schools:

ATHOLTON ES                            Atholton ES Trend Data

BELLOWS SPRING ES            Bellow Springs ES Trend Data

BOLLMAN BRIDGE ES        Bollman Bridge ES Trend Data

BRYANT WOODS ES                Bryant Woods ES Trend Data

BUSHY PARK ES                      Bushy Park ES Trend Data

CENTENNIAL LANE ES            Centennial Lane ES Trend Data

CLARKSVILLE ES                      Clarksville ES Trend Data

CLEMENS CROSSING ES       Clemens Crossing ES Trend Data

CRADLEROCK ES                      Cradlerock ES Trend Data

DAYTON OAKS ES                    Dayton Oaks ES Trend Data

DEEP RUN ES                            Deep Run ES Trend Data

DUCKETTS LANE ES             Ducketts Lane ES Trend Data

ELKRIDGE ES                          Elkridge ES Trend Data

FOREST RIDGE ES                  Forest Ridge ES Trend Data

FULTON ES                                  Fulton ES Trend Data

GORMAN CROSSING ES            Gorman Crossing ES Trend Data    

GUILFORD ES                                Guilford ES Trend Data

HAMMOND ES                                Hammond ES Trend Data

HANOVER HILLS ES                    Hanover Hills ES Trend Data     

HOLLIFIELD STATION ES              Hollifield Station ES Trend Data       

ILCHESTER ES                              Ilchester ES Trend Data

JEFFERS HILL ES                          Jeffers Hill ES Trend Data

LAUREL WOODS ES                      Laurel Woods ES Trend Data

LISBON ES                                     Lisbon ES Trend Data

LONGFELLOW ES                         Longfellow ES Trend Data

MANOR WOODS ES                        Manor Woods ES Trend Data   

NORTHFIELD ES                              Northfield ES Trend Data

PHELPS LUCK ES                            Phelps Luck ES Trend Data     

POINTERS RUN ES                            Pointers Run ES Trend Data

ROCKBURN ES                                    Rockburn ES Trend Data

RUNNING BROOK ES                           Running Brook ES Trend Data    

ST JOHNS LANE ES                               St. John’s Lane ES Trend Data 

STEVENS FOREST ES                           Stevens Forest ES Trend Data  

SWANSFIELD ES                                   Swansfield ES Trend Data

TALBOTT SPRINGS ES                         Talbott Springs ES Trend Data

THUNDER HILL ES                                 Thunder Hill ES Trend Data

TRIADELPHIA RIDGE ES                    Triadelphia Ridge ES Trend Data

VETERANS ES                                        Veterans ES Trend Data

WATERLOO ES                                     Waterloo ES Trend Data

WAVERLY ES                                           Waverly ES Trend Data

WEST FRIENDSHIP ES                          West Friendship ES Trend Data

WORTHINGTON ES                                Worthington ES Trend Data

Middle Schools:

BONNIE BRANCH MS                          Bonnie Branch MS Trend Data

BURLEIGH MANOR MS                        Burleigh Manor MS Trend Data   

CLARKSVILLE MS                                 Clarksville MS Trend Data

DUNLOGGIN MS                                Dunloggin MS Trend Data

ELKRIDGE LANDING MS                  Elkridge Landing MS Trend Data

ELLICOTT MILLS MS                            Ellicott Mills MS Trend Data

FOLLY QUARTER MS                              Folly Quarter MS Trend Data

GLENWOOD MS                                   Glenwood MS Trend Data

HAMMOND MS                                    Hammond MS Trend Data

HARPER’S CHOICE MS                         Harper’s Choice MS Trend Data         

LAKE ELKHORN MS                               Lake Elkhorn MS Trend Data

LIME KILN MS                                       Lime Kiln MS Trend Data

MAYFIELD WOODS MS                           Mayfield Woods MS Trend Data      

MOUNT VIEW MS                                Mount View MS Trend Data

MURRAY HILL MS                                 Murray Hill MS Trend Data

OAKLAND MILLS MS                            Oakland Mills MS Trend Data

PATAPSCO MS                                        Patapsco MS Trend Data

PATUXENT VALLEY MS                        Patuxent Valley MS Trend Data

THOMAS VIADUCT MS                            Thomas Viaduct MS Trend Data

WILDE LAKE MS                                     Wilde Lake MS Trend Data

High Schools:

ATHOLTON HS                                    Atholton HS Trend Data

CENTENNIAL HS                              Centennial HS Trend Data

GLENELG HS                                         Glenelg HS Trend Data

HAMMOND HS                                        Hammond HS Trend Data   

HOWARD HS                                 Howard HS Trend Data

LONG REACH HS                                  Long Reach HS Trend Data

MARRIOTTS RIDGE HS                    Marriotts Ridge HS Trend Data         

MOUNT HEBRON HS                            Mount Hebron HS Trend Data     

OAKLAND MILLS HS                          Oakland Mills HS Trend Data

RESERVOIR HS                                  Reservoir HS Trend Data

RIVER HILL HS                                  River Hill HS Trend Data

WILDE LAKE HS                                  Wilde Lake HS Trend Data

Education Centers:






HOMEWOOD SCHOOL                                Homewood Trend Data

OLD CEDAR LANE                                        Old Cedar Lane Trend Data

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